The Norwegian Society of Soloists (NTKS) is an organization for soloists and chamber musicians playing classical music. When the organization was formed in 1912, it was the realization of an idea that composer Johan Svendsen, among others, had promoted. Even at that time they had to organize themselves to protect their rights. In the beginning, members were both performing and creative musicians.

In 1917, however, some creative artists decided to form the Norwegian Society of Composers. The initiative was taken from within the framework of the Society of Soloists. After this separation NTKS has only performing musicians. Most of the significant names of Norwegian music life are past or present members. The list of honorary members includes composers such as Jean Sibelius, Sir Henry Wood, Kirsten Flagstad, Klaus Egge, Odd Grüner-Hegge, Egil Nordsjø, Arild Sandvold Øivin Fjeldstad, Robert Riefling, Robert Levin, Ingrid Bjoner and Aase Nordmo Løvberg. Today Ole Bøhn, Kari Frisell, Knut Skram, Einar Steen-Nøkleberg and Terje Stensvold are honorary members.

Several of our members are also members of the Musicians' Union, covering their permanent positions. When they have chosen to belong to both unions, it is because NTKS’ work is devoted entirely to securing their freelance interests and to the circumstances surrounding their soloist and chamber work. NTKS has attained a secure position in our cultural life on a broad range of matters.

We are often consulted by government ministries as well as other public and private entities about musical questions. At the time, the Norwegian Society of Musicians was on the committee that prepared the foundation for "Fund for Performing Artists." We are also one of the founding organizations of GRAMO. The Norwegian Society of Musicians initiated the establishment of the Nordic Soloists Council – a Nordic liaison committee that keeps contact between colleagues in the Nordic countries.

Norwegian Society of Musicians is a member of Norwaco. Thus we manage and provide individualized payment of compensation for private copying. We are represented in the Council of Queen Sonja Music Competition. We are often represented in the selection of the Fund for Sound and Image and manage a number of endowments, such as Therese and Anton Klaveness' travel and study grants, Alf Klingenberg's grant and Olaf Schou's grant. In addition, we administer some of our own scholarships. The Norwegian Society of Musicians has periodically organized a series of concerts in Oslo on which a number of the members have performed. These concerts have become an important contribution to chamber music scene in the capital. We have also arranged concerts in Bergen.

Besides the professional work of Norwegian soloists, we organize membership meetings adressing current issues in music as well as meetings for social gatherings. We organize, as well, public debates where various representatives of music life are invited.

We also arrange the annual event "Den norske musikkfest". Join us!